5 Tips for Buying a Man’s Suit

Suits are one of the most important pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe, and it is essential that they fit properly. A well-fitting suit will look much more expensive than it is and makes a man look put together and well-dressed even if he would rather be wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

5. Color

The first thing that most people notice about a business suit is the color. Black, navy and gray are the most common colors for business suits, so it is good for a man who wears suits daily to own at least one suit in each of these colors. Some business people believe that navy suits should not be worn by young men because the color may make them look even younger.

4. Jackets

There are hundreds of jacket styles available, so many men feel overwhelmed and have trouble finding the best jacket style for their body.

Double-breasted and single-breasted jackets are both very popular, but men should pay close attention to how each type of jacket makes them look. A double-breasted jacket adds bulk, so wearing this type of jacket can make an overweight man look even larger. Single-breasted jackets look great on larger men, while double-breasted jackets can make small framed men look larger and more powerful.

No matter which type of jacket a man chooses, it is essential that the jacket can be buttoned comfortably and doesn’t bunch up when the man sits down.

3. Pants

Pants are the second most important part of a suit. Large men should choose pants that are flat in the front rather than pleated draw attention away from the legs, which is great for men who have large legs. Tall men generally look better in pants with cuffs, while short men should avoid cuffs. Pants with cuffs are more informal than those without, so cuffed pants should not be worn for formal occasions.

It is essential to try on pants to see how they feel. Men should feel just as comfortable sitting in their pants as they do standing. It is also essential that trousers sit on the man’s waist rather than his hips. They should break on the top of the shoes but a man’s socks should never show beneath his pants, even when he walks.

2. Fabric

There are a few things that men should remember when they are choosing a fabric for their business suits. Wool is the best fabric for suits, but it also tends to be the most expensive. Wool suits tend to look more sophisticated than suits made of other fabrics. They also tend to fit the body better and keep the body warm. Tropical wool should be chosen during summer or in warmer climates because they keep the body cooler than other types of wool.

Flannel and tweed are good suit fabric options that are cheaper than wool. These options work for winter because they are warm. Polyester business suits are an inexpensive option that can be worn year-round.

The main issue that many men have with polyester suits is that it is difficult for air to travel through polyester fabric. Fabric that doesn’t breathe can make a man look sweaty and unbusinesslike.

1. Buy More Than One

It is difficult for most men to find a business suit that fits them well, so any time a man finds a great suit they should buy two or three of them. It is a good idea for men to buy the same suit in multiple colors whenever possible so that they don’t look exactly the same every day. Some stores even offer discounts to businessmen who buy two or three suits at the same time.

Most businessmen wear suits for at least nine hours each day, so comfort is the most important consideration. How comfortable a man feels in his suits depends on the cut, color and fit of the suit, so it is essential for men to take the time to ensure that the suits they buy fit properly.