Advisory board


Obaidullah MamoonAdvisor; Printing Consultant

Shawn ChowdhuryFundraising Consultant

Shajia Rahman, Community Advisor 

Shajia Rahman is an educator. She has been involved in New York City’s public school system since 2008. Shajia is also the director of the Bangla School at the New York Public Library Parkchester Branch. She believes this exhibition will clarify many misconception that people have about Bangladesh and its people.

Nabil Rahman, Curatorial Advisor

Nabil is a freelance multimedia writer/artist/journalist based in New York. He has worked as a photographer for the National Geographic and a photo-editor at CNN. He is the founder and co-curator of “Eyes on Bangladesh,” and served as Chobi-Mela’s general secretary 2014-2015. He is currently working on a documentary in Sylhet. 

Ayesha SultanaCuratorial Advisor

Ayesha Sultana is an artist who currently teaches and lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her most recent solo exhibitions have been at Blue Velvet, Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome 2014 & Outside the Field of View, Experimenter, Kolkata, 2014.