So You Want To Become A Video Games Tester?

So you want to become a video games tester, do you know what is involved or even how to about applying, well let me tell you how, being a video games tester can mean that you work at home but you could also work at one of the game manufactures offices, it will be a regular job with regular type hours and a decent paycheck. The problem is that everybody wants the job and unfortunately only a handful are actually qualified for the job. Firstly you are going to need a high grade in your English language exams and you are going to have to demonstrate that you can use a computer to type a couple of paragraphs and that you can use your grammar correctly and in the right way.

You will need to play a certain video game over and over again and at different levels of difficulty and will be looking for any kind of bugs or glitches in the game that would make it an unpleasant gaming experience. For example with the first 3d grand theft auto game there was times when your character could lean against a certain wall and fall through it and then get stuck, this should of been picked up by the games testers.

So unfortunately you will need to play the video game for hours upon hours no matter how much you like or dislike the game. You will then be required to make a full report stating any of the glitches or bugs you have found and how you have found the overall gaming experience with that particular game. When finished you may keep the game you were testing but you would probably be sick of it by then. So it is not all its cracked up to be and in many cases can be a lot of hard work so if this sounds like your type of job then apply to be a video games tester, just remember you wont be sitting there playing super Mario gamesall day.