Top 11 Health Benefits of Drinking Water!

We can get easy access to water and it is very cheap when compared with the hazardous carbonated drinks. Just by drinking plenty of pure water, you will get tremendous health benefits and you can’t imagine that even your migraine or pain killer medicine can be replaced by water.

Before reading this article further, just drink few gulps of water..:)

Functions of Water:

It is an amazing fact that almost our entire body is made up of simple water. That is, 2/3 of body contains water (55% to 78%of water depending upon the body size). Let us see our body parts and water composition in it,

Muscle made up of 75% of water,

Brain contains 90% of water,

Bone contains 20% of water,

Blood contains 83% of water.

The vital functions of water in our body are,

Helps in body metabolism,

Regulates our body temperature,

Acts as a transporter of oxygen and nutrients to body cells,

Moisturizes the air inside the lungs,

Moisturizes joints,

Protects our vital organs.

From head to toe, our body is made up of water. Consider the water composition in brain; it is 90% which is a great portion. If you did not drink water, then you might be dehydrated fast and these results in less water content in our brain. Because of http://www.newphen24.com/ , you may get headache, migraine, etc. So just think that if you are getting headache, then is might be a sign of dehydration.

Bad effects of dehydration:

Do not think that dehydration is a negligible thing. The following are the effects of dehydration,

Irregular blood pressure

Kidney problems

Muscle cramps




Risk of death (If 20% dehydrated)

Dry Skin


If you get any of the following symptoms, then you need to drink water,

Dark Yellowish urine color or urine with strong odor,

Dry skin,

Thirst (The common thing),


Fatigue (Water will boost up the energy).

The amount of water you have to consume per day is,

Men- 3 liters (about 13 cups)

Women – 2.2 liters (about 9 cups)

It is a common saying that we need to drink 8 cups of water per day. But that should be the minimum water consumption level. The adequate water consumption amount is the one listed above.

Top 11 Health Benefits of Drinking Water:

Lose weight: Over weight is the main trouble for most of the people and if you drink more water, then it helps you to lose weight as it flushes out the by-products of fat breakdown. It suppresses the appetite and so you will eat less. Moreover, water contains zero calories.

Younger and Healthier skin: When your skin is properly hydrated, it will give younger look and it also helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increases its elasticity.

Natural cure for headache: There are many reasons for headache. But dehydration is the common one. So, if you drink more water, you can get away from headache and back pain due to dehydration.

Better workout capacity: Drinking more water will regulate the body temperature and hence you will fell more energetic while exercising. Water also fuels the muscles.

Better productivity in workplace: Brain is mostly made up of water and thus drinking more water will keep your brain active and fresh and helps you to think better, stay alert and concentrated.

Reduce risk of cancer: Cancer related to the digestive system are, colon cancer and bladder cancer. This may be avoided by drinking healthy amount of water as per some latest studies. Water dilutes the cancer causing agents and sends out through urine thus shortening its contact with bladder lining.

Good mood: You will feel good and satisfied with enough water in your body.

Less probability to get sick: Drinking more water will help you to fight against flu and other things like kidney stones and heart attacks. Water simply improves your immunity system and water with lemon is used for ailments like respiratory disease, intestinal problems, etc.

Helps in proper and quick digestion: Drinking enough water will raise your metabolism as it helps in good digestion.

Reduced cramps and sprains: Water will keep your muscles and joints lubricated and hence there is less chance of cramps and sprains.

Relieves us from fatigue: Water is used to flush out toxic items away from the body. Less water in the body will make it hard for the heart to pump oxygenated blood to all cells and so it will be exhausted and like heart, all vital organs will be exhausted which results in fatigue.

I guess you can now understand the importance of water. So just stop spending on the costly sports drinks and other zero calorie drinks. Just have enough water and it will handle it all.